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The Success Hub of Choice for Healthcare Professionals

Edge Plus is the success hub of choice for healthcare professionals – Pharmacists and Medical Doctors (MDs) – preparing for their Canadian board exams, continuous education and post license practice enhancement.

Edge Plus specializes as well in preparing professional calibers who moved to Canada and are seeking competitive job opportunities in the local market.

Edge Plus strives to be a leader in the Canadian pharmacy board preparation, continuous education and people development across the globe, through providing unsurpassed training, education services, tailor-made developmental plans and creative solutions for personal and professional success.

Board members are characterized by three core competencies; integrity, creative thinking and effective communication; hence they support candidates to have the most individualized, outcome-based and result-driven successful plans in place.



How real people said about EdgePlus Courses


Amal Selim


I highly recommend Edge plus under the leadership of Ihab Kadry Demian for anyone who is looking for help to pass his/her PEBC exams … I have tried them for OSCE exam and I passed 🙏🙏


Maruf Patel


I was privileged to be a part of May 19 Osce batch at Edge Plus Osce preparation course . One of the clear advantages of this course is they are exclusively focusing on Osce .Hence they put extra ordinary efforts to prepare students for the exam. Mr. Ihab K.D, the director of the institute with his through expertise and guidance in Osce exam makes it so easy for you to approach any tough station even if you are first timers . Another added bonus is he figure out where student stands in term of his current preparation for osce and guide him/her based on that which make preparation even more easier. He is having quality mock exams and knowledgeable staff to help you on non-verbal stations . I’d strongly recommend to enrol for Edge Plus if you’re freshers for osce . Those who couldn’t make it in first or second attempt, will not regret either to have him help you to make your Osce journey successful.


Ashfaq Mohammed

It is my pleasure to share my success story here. This would have not happened without Edge Plus. Before saying something, I would like to thank Dr. Ihad for his wonderful OSCE training.
Last May was my 3rd attempt of OSCE and I was really confused about actual scheme of exam. I took coaching from several centres, however I did not get definite answer. Everyone has their own style and most of them expect everything to be done (MAMA, CASED, life style etc.) in 7 minutes. I would say it is not at all possible.
I joined Edge Plus in last Feb. I found Ihab’s method of training OSCE is unique and easy to follow. According to him, address the patient’s concern first, then go for other things like patient extra care, life style, vaccine, blah blah.
I, and my fellow groupmates from Ihab’s class followed his scheme and it worked perfectly.
As a whole I proud of being a part of Edge Plus that makes my dreams come true.
Out of many tips, few tips are more helpful to me to boost my confident which I learned from Ihab classes.
1. Reading door note (This is the critical step in OSCE station and door notes always has hidden answer.)
2. Greeting to patient (This is essential part of communication)
3. Listen and ask qs until you are clear what patient’s concern is.
4. Address the concern before time cuts on you.
5. Explaining things in easy way {Things has to be absorbed by layman (patient)}
6. During OSCE study, try to be relaxed by doing exercise , Yoga…..
Last but not least, I would highly recommend edge Plus to bring your dream to reality to become Pharmacist here in Canada.
Thanks again to Dr. Ihab and my study groupmates.

Seetharam Are


Ihab, Thank you so much for guiding me through the right path to success. Your Strategic planning and well explained scenarios made it really easy for me to understand, analyze and perform well in the exam. I did a lot of research before joining in edge plus, and it proved that I did a right thing in choosing Ihab as instructor. Edge plus is specialized in providing individual care and suggestions to fill the gaps in our performance. In each class they will assess our improvement and will give targets. They always give encouragement and he walks with us through out the journey of OSCE. He is available 24/7 to discuss our doubts and clarify them with clear explanations. The mocks are amazing. I always remember Ihab words “ I don’t want to see you again in this class “. 😂. Now I don’t see you again as a student IN THE CLASS. I will come to you with the license to share the real happiness with you. You are a super teacher who always think of students and see happiness in their success. I am feeling great to be a part of this institution. Thanks for the motivation.


Madhavi Kolan


This was my final attempt and I should thank Ihab for his valuable tips and suggestions helping me to pass OSCE. His mock exams were very helpful that boost my confidence. I highly recommed Edge Plus for OSCE preparation. One MUST join EdgePlus for their success. Thank you very much, Ihab.


Madonna Milad


I did the 2 mocks and full day of non-interactive , it was really a good experience to take the chance to practice new ideas that helps in osce. Ihab the founder of this osce program is such a professional, kind, supportive and passionate person who cares about each and everyone in his course . He is always available for any question by phone or even text messages . I highly recommend this program and the mock exams , thanks Ihab for all your support and thanks for each and everyone in edge plus team 


Sanjeev Kumar


Edge Plus course is great practice for OSCE exam. Ihab Sir techniques are different and Unique. I will strongly recommend this course.


Celin Farahi


I am so happy to pass OSCE, I would recommend Edge plus in class /online courses to pass PEBC exams because Edge plus team worked on my weak skills based on my last PEBC feedback report and taught me many valuable technics for better performance and communication. There were lots of cases ( in the course and mock exams) similar to the real exam that came true that boosted my confidence for better patient care in 7 min under exam stress and helped me to have fully solved outcome. Also, the team was genuinely caring. Big Thank you.


Negin Naeenchi


I am so happy to pass OSCE exam and I got my license number today and can work as a pharmacist. Thank you Dr. Ihab for all of your advice, support, and help. My recommendation to all candidates who wish get a good result is EDGE plus. You are the best. Best regards


Zara Sohail


I am happy to share that I passed my OSCE exam in the first attempt. Thank you Edge Plus and Ihab Kadry Dimian for making this happen; all the tips/instructions/support you provided assisted me in understanding my strengths and weaknesses and eventually helped me in OSCE preparations. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Noor Al-Hashimi


I’m so happy to say that I have done with PEBC exams, I have passed Osce exam, it was my fourth attempt, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to make it without Edge Plus. My special thanks to Dr. Ihab Kadry Dimian, Thank you Ihab for all of your guidance, advice and support. Thanks a lot, God bless you Ihab Kadry Dimian.


Yumna Khalid


Edge plus is a really good course. The instructors are great too. They are helpful and accommodating. The OSCE mock simulations are almost like the real exam. So, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the OSCE exam.


Nasrin Noorani


I am so pleased to say, today I got my Canadian pharmacy license as one of Edge Plus students. I hope this happens for every single of international pharmacists in this so competitive journey. Just be determined and practice hard in the right way. I would recommend taking mock exams as much as you can. Do not be disappointed, try to take right instructor ( Dr. Ihab Dimian ) to learn how you can meet PEBC criteria. Best of luck for all.


Odette Hanna


I strongly recommend Edge Plus Inc to every one looking for better understanding the exam and how to deal with different cases which mimic the real exam. The professional team will help you to build up your confidence, fill any gaps in your performance and at the end of the course they will give you their feedback honestly, what are your weak points to work on and improve them before the exam, that is what happened with me before my OSCE exam and I passed. Many thanks for the clever,professional and honest Edge Plus Inc team.


Abeer Sultan


I have passed OSCE first attempt… I am so lucky to get to know Mr Ihab Kadry Dimian (few days before OSCE test) …. He is such a passionate teacher with a very innovative approach… I was so amazed by his practice cases which were totally new to me, his fantastic tips and I will never forget the green apples …This was a great experience…I would highly recommend edge plus for everyone…. good luck to all!


Maha Ashraf


I had the crash course with this group; it was great experience in a very short time With many different cases and better opportunities to practice since they have smaller group number compared to other companies that offer the same service. Also the mini mock and final mock was great and exactly mimicking the real OSCE. They definitely had helped me to pass OSCE and built more confidence.


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