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Edge Plus is the success hub of choice for healthcare professionals – Pharmacists and Medical Doctors (MDs) – preparing for their Canadian board exams, continuous education and post license practice enhancement.

Edge Plus specializes as well in preparing professional calibers who moved to Canada and are seeking competitive job opportunities in the local market.

Edge Plus strives to be a leader in the Canadian pharmacy board preparation, continuous education and people development across the globe, through providing unsurpassed training, education services, tailor-made developmental plans and creative solutions for personal and professional success.

Board members are characterized by three core competencies; integrity, creative thinking and effective communication; hence they support candidates to have the most individualized, outcome-based and result-driven successful plans in place.



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Kareem Shoutairy

I passed OSCE after my third trial.I want to thank edge plus for the great effort with me.
I want to thank Dr Ehab for the well developed cases and brilliant thought process which he learnt us.

Shahin Goria


I have done 2 days crash course and 1 mock tests with edge plus. I was able to tackle my weakness of reference check while practicing with Dr Dimian in such a short period of time. I really liked how he discussed and reviewed each case of mock exam with me so I was able to know where I was making mistakes. I have passed my OSCE exam in 4th attempt. Surely recommend it.


Anita Shishehchi


I passed OSCE on first attempt!! I took mock exams with EdgePlus and I loved the quality of cases and the whole approach as well as Ihab’s Positive energy and encouraging attitude, it really helped me filling in my gaps and boosting my confidence also tackling time management which was my weakness. He was caring and supportive and available to answer any questions at the earliest time. Thank you @edgeplus


Ramy Komy


Edge plus was extremely helpful in my final days of preparation for the OSCE , special thanks to Dr.Ihab , he really helped fine tune everything for me before the exam , showed me different techniques to save time and opened my eyes to a lot of topics I may have not otherwise looked at. It was a very good experience and I recommend Edge plus for sure! Thanks Dr. Ihab ! 😊


Mary Abh


I am in international graduate, I recently successfully completed my PEBC examination. I took a prep course for the OSCE exam with EdgePlus which helped me be well prepared. The courses are well structured, you will get the feedback you need to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses before the exam. Plus, you will have the chance to practice cases that simulate the exam in a small group setting which will maximize learning.


Hafsa Qureshi

Hey, I m hafsa and I am an International Pharmacy graduate and I just passed my PEBC qualifying exam in Nov 2020.
For osce I registered with edge plus and passed my OSCE in the first attempt. I was working part time as pharmacy assistant in a weird schedule and the very first thing edge did was to accommodate me in the best possible way giving the days for classes that best suited me and even for 1-1 mock exams.
The structure and material of the course is really helpful we covered a whole lot of topics through different cases and after case feedback and discussions are even more helpful.. we used to discuss what if we change this case like that and how the scenario, our professional judgment will change.. so by doing that we would end up with hundreds of different scenarios and how to deal with them. This kind of brainstorming helped me a big time when i was actually in the exam situation.
We all know OSCE can be extremely stressful and nerve wrecking, we have to do a lot of things in those 7 minutes like applying therapeutic knowledge, dealing the situation, making important decisions and communicating in the best way possible.. Dr. Dimian has a perfect formula to help u guide u through all the steps and make sure u are doing the right things in a right way to succeed in those 7 minutes of the OSCE station.
2020 was a challenging year there were some major changes due to the pandemic but edge plus team managed to arrange the mock exam in those challenging times and Dr.Dimian was always in contact with us to get the updates how we are holding up in our studies. This is the kind of support, enthusiasm and optimism we all need in these struggling times and I appreciate Dr. Dimian for that.
I would like to thank Dr. Dimian and the edge plus team for their efforts and guidance throughout. Now anyone who is asking my advise about OSCE, i have been telling them about edgeplus and repeating what Dr. Dimian used to say us “Practice as much as u can and with as many people as u can.”
Good luck u all and i hope this review will help u make the right choice about which course to take 😉

Yasmine G. Kassem

Such an outstanding course and a professional team!
The way they’re interacting with students and explaining everything is perfect.
Thanks for helping me better understand how to deal with all types of questions in the exam as well as managing my time effectively.

Maryam Moshavash


Thanks to Edge Plus team! If you want to try something different then go for edge plus, the environment is similar to the real exam situation but a little bit harder which help you feel more comfortable during the real exam…


Ziad Abdelnaser

With the help of edge plus team, I was able to pass the evaluating exam from the first attempt. They are professionals who know what they are doing.
Highly recommend!

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